Monday, May 21, 2012

Love Raw Oysters? $2.99/dz Sound Good?

Are you a lover of raw oysters??? I have to say, it's one thing as a vegetarian that I have never tried. However, lots and lots of PCB visitors order them everyday. I try to keep a lookout for good deals, so I notice how cheap these things are here. One place out here on the beach seems to have the cheapest raw oysters ever! Pier 77. They offer some early bird specials before 6pm so that's usually when we dine there. Before 6pm they are only $2.99 a dozen. The atmosphere is a little lacking, but they make up for it in service and the FOOD. It is great!!! They are also participants in the dining certificates. With the $25 certificate, a family of 4 {2a/2k} can easily eat here for around $20 after the certificate. (If you wait and buy the certificate on sale. See my other post about

I know the next question is, "what else can we get there?" So, I am gonna tell ya! From our experience, everything we have ever ordered has been great and perfectly cooked. Some of our favorites are the Tuna steak, Grouper, salads, any of the kids meals, the seafood gumbo, fried clams, seafood platter, and the sirloin steak. All of their seafood is very fresh and comes from a next door seafood market {their sister company} .
If you love raw oysters and some seriously delicious food, you gotta try Pier 77!

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