Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Who wants to save money...and not stand in line??

Groceries are usually on the top of the list when going on vacation. As soon as you pull up and get unloaded, you try to figure out what you are going to eat all week. Of course, you will probably go out a few times and eat some local seafood, but by cooking some meals in, you can save a bundle.

Since we have moved here I have learned one valuable lesson. DO NOT GO TO WALMART FOR GROCERIES! {do I need to repeat?} The walmart on the beach is always packed, almost always out of everything, and the prices are not as cheap as you would think. However, we have found one really great treasure just across the bridge in Panama City. ~~Discount Grocery~~ They sell all of their items at cost, and add 10% at the end. That's it. You see, Florida doesn't have tax on food items, so I am used to paying 10% when I check out anyway because TN always had 9.75% tax rate on stuff. They have wonderful produce, meat and even carry your toilet paper, wine, specialty foods {like Gluten Fee, etc.} Everything you would need you can pick up. Very similar with a Save-A-Lot, Foodland, Aldi, but they carry a lot more items. They carry name brand and their brand of everything under the sun. The store itself is a little older, they don't splurge on making it pretty. At first I was like...."EEK!", but then when I checked out I realized that I didn't need all that fru-fru stuff that I have always been spoiled with before. It took some getting used to...but the savings is worth it. Grab a sanitizing wipe for the buggy and you are good to go! LOL

One afternoon me and Kirsten decided to run to walmart instead of driving the extra 5-10 minutes to Grocery Outlet. Let me tell ya, we put everything up, left, and drove to Grocery Outlet. I was in dire need of some spices that week for a yummy cranberry meatloaf and walmart spices were priced from 2.99-5.00. Discount groceries are .65-1.75. A pack of chicken breasts at walmart easily hit 6.00-7.00 a pack and Discount groceries are 2.50-4.50. Loaves of bread are .75 and it is great bread! Everyone that has come to visit has loved how much we have saved by planning out our meals and heading to Grocery Outlet....{nope, I'm not a paid spokesperson, just a penny-pincher} In a typical week we spend between $60-$75 for seven days of meals. {and yes, they DO accept coupons even though they sell everything at cost} That includes our breakfasts, lunches and dinner. Unless we have company, we do not eat out.

So, when is the best time to go you ask??? Well, it would be morning or evening. Remember that when school is going on it gets a little busy around 2-3pm, but other than that, much better than walmart. The lines at walmart can get crazy and the prices are high.

Discount Grocery
2901 W Highway 98 {next to our church, St. Andrew Baptist Church}
Panama City, FL 32401
(850) 785-4841
They accept cash, credit, debit, etc. No checks!

Happy Shopping!


  1. Do you know their coupon policy right off hand?

  2. I do not. I can sure find out though. I have used Manufacturer coupons there..and that's it. I will update as soon as I know.

  3. Great! Going to make my grocery run there saturday . The binder is locked and loaded, ready for grocery savings!

  4. They have a very simple policy. They only accept Manufacturer Coupons for face value. They must be in date {of course}. They do not double or triple coupons and they do not accept coupons from other stores {ie. Publix} The most simple coupon policy in town. Because everything is at cost, they don't really run many sales unless they are needing to get rid of things, so it makes the coupon policy even easier.