Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gas Prices~Alabama/Florida~Know What To Expect

Before you head out in the wagon family truckster, heading for the beach, stop by these 3 sites to brush up on your knowledge of what to expect in gas prices. We always like to set a budget for vacation, and knowing what we will spend on fuel is always included in that. Currently, gas prices here on the beach are at or near $3.29 on average. Gas here is usually about .10 higher than on the mainland. Use these sites to figure what you will pay on your trip.

#1-Figure (or look on your car if it tells you) how many miles you get per gallon...if you don't know how to do this...then here you go:

Here's how to figure out your own personal MPG: First, fill your gas tank and then reset the trip odometer. Drive until your car's gas tank is nearly empty, or close enough to it that you need more gas immediately. Look at how many gallons of gas it took to fill up the tank completely. Now take the reading on the odometer -- the number of miles you've driven since your last fill up -- and divide it by the number of gallons used.
In other words, if you have an empty tank and put 10 gallons of gas in it, then see that you traveled 350 miles, you're getting 35 miles per gallon. Over time, this will give you an accurate measurement of how efficiently you drive your car in real-world situations.

#2- Figure out how many miles your trip will be. Use Mapquest or Google Maps

#3- Divide your total number of miles in #2 by your MPG in #1 this will equal the # of gallons required for the trip.

#4- Multiply the answer in #3 (total gallons needed) x the average cost of gas along your route (I like to combine the cost of gas where I live, with the cost about halfway, and with the cost of gas at my destination and average the 3)

Now you know your total cost for the trip!

Here is an example: #1-my car gets about 40mpg on the hwy
#2- Its 486 miles to Middle Tennessee (where we are from)
#3- If I divide 486 by 40 mpg...that means I will need 12.15 gallons of gas
#4-Cost of gas is about $3.34 if I average the cost of Panama City Beach, Montgomery AL, and McMinnville, TN.    Multiply 12.15 x $3.34= $40.58
$40.58 is how much I will spend one way to McMinnville, TN from Panama City Beach!

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